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Official Ancient Future iPhone App Released

The official Ancient Future app for the iPhone or iPod Touch is now available. This app helps Ancient Future fans keep up with the world fusion music ensemble's activities while on the go. The rich features and unique content in this app include the ability to sample the latest Ancient Future music, access links to free downloads not available on iTunes, check out the latest Ancient Future videos and photos (including iPhone app exclusives), read blog posts, and get regular bulletin updates including progress reports on the band's ambitious new fan supported recording project, A.F.A.R. - the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings.

Ancient Future is the first and longest running musical organization dedicated to the mission of creating world fusion music. The term was coined by bandleader Matthew Montfort in 1978 to describe Ancient Future's unusual blend of musical traditions from around the world. BILLBOARD calls the group "trendsetters" for their early contributions to the movement, which seeks to show how people from different cultures can grow by learning from each other.

Ancient Future has released seven full length studio CDs selling over 150,000 units: Visions of a Peaceful Planet, Natural Rhythms, Quiet Fire, Dreamchaser, World Without Walls, Asian Fusion, and Planet Passion. Over one million legal mp3 files from three of these releases on Ancient-Future.Com Records have been distributed commercially on sites such as iTunes. Ancient Future is also featured on samplers selling millions of units on labels such as Putumayo and Narada.

Over the years, Ancient Future has expanded its musical vision through collaborations with master musicians from more than two dozen countries, cultures, and musical traditions who are now an integral part of what is today more than just a band. Ancient Future has grown to become a large multinational music ensemble with many smaller ensembles within it, enabling Ancient Future to realize its core mission of creating world fusion music. Through cross cultural exchange, Ancient Future has created a musical world without borders.

Side effects: In rare cases, the Ancient Future iPhone app may cause temporary temporal displacement of the psycho-acoustic variety. If you experience a psycho-acoustic temporal displacement lasting longer than four hours, enjoy your vacation.

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