Debopriyo Sarkar

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(tabla, percussion)

Debopriyo Sarkar is a sensational tabla player from Kolkata. He is a senior disciple of tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. He has been performing in the classical Indian music scene for many years, accompanying many great artists, as well as an avid experimenter into many forms of music. Born in Jalpuiguri, North Bengal in 1971, Debopriyo has displayed an enchanting love of music since his early infant days. Since 1997, he has been performing in the international arena, playing many concerts in the U.S.A., Japan, India, the Middle East, Canada and Europe. Debopriyo has made collaborations with various artists in other fields of music, including folk, light classical, jazz, films, and his own drum/bass groove creations. Debopriyo lives and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area and performs throughout the world. He possesses an excellent temperament for accompaniment with his clear, sweet tone and intuitive melodic responses. His aesthetic balance between sensitive tonality and rhythmic power creates moods of deep and pure musical celebration. Debopriyo's devoted and unique playing offers a new and vibrant energy to the classical tradition of Indian Music. Many Indian musicians and fans know him by his nickname, Bubai.

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This video was recorded at the Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble concert 8/25/2009 at Yoshi's in Oakland.