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Educational Materials

Sponsored Text Link: Three Months
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Ancient-Future.Com does not accept traditional advertising. However, like PBS, Ancient-Future.Com will accept individual and corporate sponsors. Sponsors pledging $100 monthly will be thanked in the Ancient Future email newsletter, in print on Ancient Future concert programs, and with a text link on Ancient Future's home page. A  maximum of 4 sponsors are currently accepted at a time on Ancient Future's home page and the World Fusion Music Links Page. Ancient-Future.Com receives a very large amount of traffic for a band site, usually ranking in the top two million sites in all categories worldwide, and often in the top million. Sponsoring a link can be a good business decision as well as something that will help the arts, music, and humanity. Ancient-Future.Com reserves the right to reject sponsorship links based on moral considerations such as business ethics, social impact, and environmental responsibility.