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Recordings purchased at Ancient-Future.Com directly support the artists and the music. The Ancient-Future.Com World Music Store is the only site where all of the Ancient Future band recordings, including out of print major label recordings, are available on CD. The site also features releases on Ancient-Future.Com Records, the band's artist coalition label, and side projects by Ancient Future band members on other labels.

Ancient-Future.Com RecordsWorld Fusion Series

Ancient Future band leader Matthew Montfort coined the term world fusion music in the late 1970's to describe music that combines traditions from around the world.

Yearning for the Wind ECD Cover

Yearning for the Wind by the band Ancient Future. (AF 20302). Audio/Video E-CD-R- $17.98 (SALE! $10): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Temporary CD Cover

Archive of Future Ancient Recordings by the band Ancient Future. (AF 2030). Download Supporter Pkg- $25: Buy 1 Now.


Sympathetic Serenade Cover Art

Sympathetic Serenade by Matthew Montfort. (AF 2012). Mini-EP CD-R- $12.98 (SALE! $10): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Seven Serenades CD Cover

Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar by Matthew Montfort. (AF 2008). Digipak CD- $17.98 (SALE! $10): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Planet Passion CD Cover

Planet Passion (Remastered Edition) by the band Ancient Future (AF 2010): Digipak CD- $17.98 (SALE! $10): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic

Natural Rhythms CD Cover

Natural Rhythms by the band Ancient Future (AF 2005): CD-R- $19.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.



Visions of a Peaceful Planet CD Cover

Visions of a Peaceful Planet by the band Ancient Future (AF 2004): CD-R- $19.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Major Label Recordings by the Band Ancient Future

Find out why thousands of fans have purchased (and often nearly worn out!) over 150,000 full length Ancient Future recordings.

Asian Fusion CD Cover

Asian Fusion by the band Ancient Future (Narada ND-63023): CD- $24.98 (signed & reconditioned): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

World Without Walls CD Cover

World Without Walls by the band Ancient Future (Sona Gaia/MCA 163): CD- $24.98 (signed & reconditioned): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Dreamchaser CD Cover

Dreamchaser by the band Ancient Future (Sona Gaia 154): CD- $29.98 (rare new copy): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Quiet Fire CD Cover

Quiet Fire by the band Ancient Future (Narada 1012): CD- $29.98 (rare new copy): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Ancient-Future.Com Records World Jazz Series

The world jazz movement integrates world music into the improvisational context of contemporary jazz.

Sangria CD Cover

Sangria by Mariah Parker (AF 2017) $17.98 (SALE! $10): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic

Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert CD Cover

Indo Latin Jazz Live In Concert by Mariah Parker (AF 20142) $17.98: Buy 1 Now.

Ancient-Future.Com RecordsEnvironmental Series

Music that investigates environmental concepts or explores performances in unusual acoustic environments.

Ten Thousand Thunderstorms CD Cover

Ten Thousand Thunderstorms by alan tower and Free Energy (AF 1000) CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now.

Eternal Presence CD Cover

The Eternal Presence by 4 Didjeridu's from alan tower and Free Energy (AF 1003) CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now.

Ancient-Future.Com RecordsYoga, Meditation, and Chant Series

A series of recordings for yoga, meditation, and chant by original Ancient Future member Benjy Wertheimer.

Soul of the Esraj CD Cover

Soul of the Esraj by Benjy Wertheimer (AF 3000): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Anjali CD Cover

Anjali by Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell (AF 3001): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Love Window CD Cover

The Love Window by Shantala (AF 3002) CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. Temporarily out of stock. >YTmusic.

Circle of Fire CD Cover

Circle of Fire by Benjy Wertheimer (AF 2002): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Major Label Samplers

Matthew Montfort and Ancient Future are featured on samplers selling over a million units.

Asian Lounge CD Cover

Asian Lounge by various artists including the band Ancient Future (Putumayo 244-2): CD-$16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Music of the Tealands CD Cover

Music from the Tea Lands by various artists including the band Ancient Future (Putumayo PUT180-2): CD-$16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Alma del Sur CD Cover

Alma Del Sur by various artists including the band Ancient Future (Narada ND-63908): CD- $24.98 (signed & reconditioned): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Guitar Works CD Cover Art

Guitar Works by various artists including Matthew Montfort (Narada ND-61032): CD- $24.98 (signed & reconditioned): Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Side Projects by Ancient Future Members

The members of Ancient Future are creative musicians who produce many side projects.

Ecstasy CD Cover

Ecstasy by Habib Khan (RPG 150217): CD-R- $19.98: Buy 1 Now.

Longing CD Cover

The Longing by Habib Khan: CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Jewel of Heart CD Cover

Jewel of Heart by Habib Khan: CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now. >YTmusic.

Sacred Insanity CD Cover

Sacred Insanity by Emam and Friends (Eternal Music 89901): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now.

Finger Painting CD Cover

Finger Painting by Jim Hurley (Open Strings Music OSCD01): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now.

Quiessence CD Cover

Quiessence by Mindia Devi (Bamboo Moon Musik): CD- $16.98: Buy 1 Now.

Music Books and Educational Materials

Ancient Future Music publishes educational materials for use in music classes, music schools, private lessons, and independent study.

Ancient Traditions Book Cover

Ancient Traditions–Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India. By Matthew Montfort. Ancient Future Music (1985). ISBN 0-937879-00-2. Comb Bound Book: $46.95 (SALE! $33.95): Buy 1 Now.

Audio/MIDI CD Cover

A.T.F.P. Audio Guide and MIDI Groove Tracks. The complete set of audio guide and MIDI percussion groove tracks of the exercises in Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities. By Matthew Montfort. Companion 2 CD/CD-ROM set: $39.95 (SALE! $28.95): Buy 1 Now. New! MP3 Guide/MIDI Groove Tracks Download Set: $34.95 (SALE 24.95): Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.


Skype online music lesson guitar pick icon carved in Bali for Matthew Montfort

Study any of the musical traditions featured on the Ancient Future web site via private Skype lessons with Ancient Future bandleader and guitarist, Matthew Montfort. The lessons can also be conducted through other webcam chat and conferencing services, through audio and video correspondence, or in person if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Ancient Future Box Office sells e-tickets to selected Ancient Future shows that accept will-call tickets.


Picture of Instruments in World Fusion Orchestra

Unless otherwise noted, all titles are in stock (even rare out of print items available ONLY at this site), and orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt during the December and Valentine's Day holiday seasons. Orders are shipped up to three times weekly the rest of the year.

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