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(African talking drum, African slit drums, African thumb piano, dumbek, dholak, bongos, Javanese tube saron, Burmese temple drums, cymbals, gongs, other assorted percussion and guitar)

For over 30 years, Ian Dogole has articulated his vision of Global Fusion Music as a multipercussionist, bandleader, educator, recording artist, composer and producer. He has released seven records and a DVD as a leader – Along the Route, Dangerous Ground, Ionospheres, Night Harvest, Convergence, Crossroads, Outside the Box – Jazz Journeys & Worlds Beyond and Ian Dogole & Hemispheres In Concert (DVD). Ian has recorded and performed with artists such as Hamza el Din, Tito La Rosa, Richie Cole, Paul McCandless and Alex de Grassi. He performs on a wide variety of percussion instruments, including udu, cajon, hang, African talking drum, kalimbas, cymbals and dumbek. Ian has received numerous grants, including a Jazz Performance Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, two recent grants from the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music (SFFCM) to present musical tribute concerts in honor of jazz legends Woody Shaw and Wayne Shorter, and multiple grants from the Marin Arts Council. Ian is very active as a music educator – having presented assemblies to more than 60,000 elementary school students in his four seasons with the San Francisco Symphony’s Adventures in Music program and he has just completed his third season presenting a global world music appreciation series to students at Redwood High School in Larkspur, CA. Ian has also offered his music education programs through numerous nonprofit organizations, including Bread & Roses, Young Imaginations, Youth in Arts and Young Audiences of the Bay Area.

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Mezgoof (Ian Dogole. 6:20). FREE MP3 (excerpt) 800K. >YTmusic. Based on Qawwali, a Sufi devotional form of music popular in Pakistan and India. From Asian Fusion (Narada Equinox ND-63023). CD- $24.98 (out of print: collectable signed reconditioned copy): Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

Ode to Ajanta (Ian Dogole. 4:58). Ode to the ancient cave temples of Ajanta. >YTmusic. From Dreamchaser (Sona Gaia/MCA 154) CD- $29.98 (very limited remaining stock: out of print): Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

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