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by Ancient Future

Cave Hand

Sona Gaia/MCA 154. Ancient-Future.Com Exclusive.
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In Memory of Ancient Future Violinist Bruce Bowers (1951 - 2020)

Dreamchaser by Ancient Future debuted at #2 on the May 1989 Jazziz National Airplay chart. It received a 10 out of 10 rating in CD Review.

"This one will sweep you off your feet! Dreamchaser establishes Ancient Future as a world-class music group. A dazzling variety of instruments are heard, from sitars and guitars to violins (acoustic and electric) and keyboards, and percussion instruments from African talking drum to dumbek, gamelan, cymbals and kalimba. This is an exciting album that really moves, and features one cut in the 'spirit of the Andes'."Heartbeats, Backroads Distribution

"Indonesian campus radio listeners picked Gamarock off the Ancient Future album Dreamchaser as the #1 jazz song. Gamarock received 400 points and Edge of a Memory received 125 points out of 2000 points counted weekly for all songs. Trisakti University is the biggest private University in Indonesia and they are critical in jazz and pop songs. When they say they like it....THEY LIKE IT." – Srahreza, Campus Radio DJ, Jakarta, Indonesia

Track List

  1. Edge of a Memory (Doug McKeehan. 5:55). Sitar, violin, piano, and African talking drum seek a vague memory.
  2. Chant of the C-Shell (Ian Dogole. 4:58). African rhythms and a conch shell inspire a chant in the key of C. (Ian Dogole. 4:58)
  3. Andean Dream (Matthew Montfort. 4:40). Charango, recorders, and percussion contribute Andean and Oriental influences.
  4. Gamarock (Matthew Montfort. 6:25). Inspired on a study trip to Bali by the gamelan (percussion orchestra) music that fills the night air, and the Balinese love affair with a form of music known as Rock and Roll . What to you get when you cross gamelan with rock? You guessed it...Gamarock. The song includes a kotèkan (Balinese interlocking rhythm) from the Gamelan Anklung repertoire. FREE MP3 (excerpt) (896K). >YTmusic
  5. Ode to Ajanta (Ian Dogole. 4:58). Ode to the ancient cave temples of Ajanta. >YTmusic.