Where's the Beat?

Picture of Talking DrummerPicture of GamelanPicture of Tabla

  1. West Africa, home of the astounding art of polyrhythms.
  2. Bali, where the interlocking rhythms of gamelan music fill the night air.
  3. India, birthplace of tala, a cyclical approach to rhythm.
  4. The Arab world, home of iqa'at (rhythmic modes).
  5. In the world fusion rhythms created by combining ideas from many traditions.
  6. In the music of the Ancient Future.
  7. In a world rhythm training manual by Matthew Montfort called Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities.
  8. At a world beat workshop taught by Matthew Montfort.
  9. In beat tweets Follow worldrhythms on Twitter.
  10. In private online lessons using Skype and other programs.

ANSWER: Make your selection to find out where the beat was last reported. Then use the catalog to find out the current whereabouts of the elusive beat!