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The Music

Ancient Future Music Scoring is an offshoot of the popular recording ensemble, Ancient Future. Since 1978, Ancient Future has been involved in creating new, exciting and beautiful music by combining musical forms from around the world. African, Chinese, Balinese, European, Indian, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, and South American music are all part of the Ancient Future pallette. This description may sound esoteric to some, but the music of Ancient Future is anything but that. It's extremely accessible, melodic, and rhythmic...perfect for creating just the right mood for your project.

What This Means for Your Project!

Say you've got a film with locations in Europe, the U.S., and China. You want a contemporary score that will appeal to audiences, yet give the impression of being at each location. Now you don't have to go to three film score companies to get just the right music for each scene...Ancient Future Music Scoring can do it all.

The Sounds

Sitar, charango, scalloped fretboard guitar, mandolin, cello, violin, sarangi, Chinese string instruments, flutes, Chinese wind instruments, piano, tabla, thavil, morsing, ghatam, kanjira, gamelan, African talking drum, and Chinese percussion are just some of the instruments available.


Clients including the United Nations, MasterCard, National Public Radio, Viacom, Budweiser, and United Airlines have used Ancient Future music.

A Quote

"Uplifting, joyous and life-affirming. Uses a remarkable range of instruments to create breathtakingly beautiful tunes. At once complex and uncluttered, serene and yet energizing."The Gazette Times

Sound Files

If you are wondering about the quality of production and variety of music offered, there's no need for guess work as Ancient Future has released numerous recordings. Sound files can be heard at Ancient Future's on-line catalog. Or order any of the Ancient Future CD's for the best sound quality.

Scoring Contact

If you have a project that requires music, simply e-mail your name, postal address, phone, e-mail address, and description of your project to or phone (415-459-1892).

Studio Business

Ancient Future Studios accepts credit cards through its business office.