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Balinese Gamelan

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A Balinese gamelan, which translates as orchestra, is an ensemble normally composed primarily of percussion.

The Balinese Gamelan as a MIDI Map

The Balinese rhythm exercises from the book Ancient Traditions–Future Possibilities are arranged for General MIDI vibraphones in this Internet presentation of music for the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan,  the "gamelan of the love God." To set up playback on a MIDI synthesizer or sampler, use this MIDI map of the of the instruments of the Balinese gamelan to map the MIDI data to the appropriate sound.


The gènder  is a metallophone having a two-octave or wider range, with bronze keys suspended over bamboo resonators. There are two sets of instruments, one for polos  (the part of an interlocking figuration that follows the basic melodic line most closely), and one tuned slightly higher for the nyangsih  (the generally offbeat part of an interlocking figuration). This difference in tuning creates a shimmering chorus effect.

Suggested substitutions: gamelan or vibraphone samples. Tune the polos instrument slightly flat and the nyangsih slightly sharp.

MIDI map:

channel 2 = gènder 1 (nyangsih)

channel 3 = gènder 2 (polos)


The jegogan  is a bass metallophone with keys resting over resonators.

Suggested substitutions: gamelan, vibraphone, or low steel drum sample.

MIDI map:

channel 4 = jegogan


Small, medium, and large gongs are used in Balinese gamelan ensembles.

Suggested substitutions: low tubular bells or Chinese gong samples.

MIDI map:

channel 5 = gong

channel 6 = gong


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