Ancient-Future.Com Web Awards from the Web 1.0 Era

Ancient-Future.Com was one of the first sites optimized for dial up connections to present world music in an interesting manner, so it garnered a lot of attention and awards in the early days of the Internet. Below is a gallery of some of the cheezy awards from that bygone HTML 1.0 era.

2/23/2000 mPulse Music Chart Internet Music Chart 2/23/2000

The mPulse Internet Chart was an early music ranking site that charted music on the Internet based on traffic and interest. Here it shows Ancient Future ranked as the #1 Major Artist, beating the Backstreet Boys. Ancient-Future.Com was ranked the #1 World Music Site.

Web Site Award Badges

This site has been voted TOP music site by the So Musical! music directory! A fine example of what a high quality web site should be!Big Chalk Best Educational Site AwardLinks 2 Go Key Resource Featured Artist AwardFunky Site of the Day Award

Electronic Musician AwardGroupie of the Week AwardDedicated Dance Site of the Month AwardCool Site AwardAwarded Site of the Week

Study Web AwardMagellan Site AwardSounds of Music Award Cyberbrat Award