Sacred Insanity

Sacred Insanity CD Cover

by Emam and Friends

Cave Hand

Eternal Music 89901. CD- $16.98:


This album by Emam and Friends features many Ancient Future musicians and shows influences from jazz, rock, Indian, Turkish, Eastern European, Spanish, folk, and devotional music. The music ranges from upbeat rock fused with Indian music to traditional Turkish & Macedonian gypsy songs to very jazzy sounds with sophisticated rhythms with George Brooks on the sax to soft rock and devotional songs by the singer songwriter Jillian Speer.

Sacred Insanity features Sivamani (South Indian drum set master), Emam (tabla, nylon string guitar, synth programming), Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard and electric guitar), Moses Sedler (cello), Manose Singh (bamboo flutes), Tom Grant (piano), Jillian Speer (vocals, nylon string guitar), Gary Haggerty (oud, mandocello), George Brooks (sax), Phil Baker (bass), Kip Richardson (drums), Jeffry Sick (violin), Shabda Khan (vocals), and Narottama Alden (bass).

Track List

  1. Dance of the Hermit (Emam. 14:48). A fascination with the Tarot card #9 (Hermit) resulted in this piece in a slow 9 beat cycle. It moves between very Indian sounding and very jazzy sections, then resolves into an oud solo.