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Concerts and Workshops

Ancient Future currently performs between 25 and 75 concerts and workshops yearly, both as block booked tours and one-out runs. Ancient Future is as a rule more energetic in concert than on CD. Live concerts and workshops have been the main activity of the group since 1979.

Free Promo Packages

Free Physical Promo Package

A free promo packet in English and Spanish including a video, CD-ROM presentation, audio CD sampler, press photo's, sample contracts, tech riders, and printable .pdf brochures is available on request to presenters with music honorarium budgets of $1000 or more. Simply send an email to or call 415-459-1892.

Ancient Future Electronic Promo Kit

While the physical promo package is very extensive, this EPK is even larger and always more up to date:

A variety of programs are available to fit any situation. In this day and age of shrinking arts budgets, Ancient Future does what it can to support world music presenters. Solo through octet ensemble shows are available to fit most presenters' budgets.

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, please ask about current undocumented offerings. Documentation of repertoire is always several years behind development, and most of the repertoire never gets documented due to time and budget constraints. Custom programs are also available.

Pricing and Contact Info

Prices are based on travel expenses, block booking possibilities with other tour dates, day of the week, size of venue, number of performers and/or instructors, likely draw, and your budget. For a price quote for your event call 415-459-1892 or email

Credit card payments for performances and workshops are accepted through the Ancient Future Business Office.

Touring Grants


Ancient Future was selected as a recommended ensemble for California Arts Council Touring Program support from 1993 until the program was suspended due to budget cuts in 2003. Fee support was available for qualifying concert tour and workshop residency dates in California. Up to 50% of the ensemble's fee was reimbursed to the presenter by the California Arts Council. Arts funding needs to be restored in California so that important programs like this can be resumed.

Outside USA

Ancient Future is eligible to apply for funding from USArtists International, which provides support for American dance, music, and theatre artists who have been invited to participate in significant international festivals and engagements that represent extraordinary career opportunities anywhere in the world outside of the United States and its territories.


Due to the variety of programs available and the custom nature of the services provided by Ancient Future, many bookings are done in house (email or call 415-459-1892), which facilitates direct communication between the event presenter and Ancient Future's musical director. This is one reason for the extremely high satisfaction rate presenters and audiences have with Ancient Future's custom program offerings.

Pre-set programs by Ancient Future are also available from a number of agencies including Global Music Agency, Notable Talent, North Bay Entertainment, and Freelance Productions.