Guide to the Syllables
of the Drums of
North and South India

Cave Hand

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Pronunciation Guide

Symbol          Pronunciation

a (long)        as in saw, star

a               as in up, tub

i (long)        as in key, feet

i               as in pin, him

u (long)        as in room, food

u               as in put, pull

e (long)        as in egg, day

e               as in test

o (long)        as in so, foe

ai              as in eye, Thailand

au              as in crow

ch              as in chase, avoid aspiration

dh              aspirated d

jh              aspirated j

jn              gy pronounced simultaneously

mr              mr pronounced simultaneously

sr              as in shrine

th              aspirated t

ty              ty pronounced simultaneously

dhy             aspirated d and y pronounced simultaneously

r               in between the English r and d

South Indian Konokol

Syllables                      Pronunciation

da, lan, na, ta, tam, tang     long a

ka, kita                       short a

dim, ki, mi, ri                long i

din, di                        short i                            

dum, gu                        long u

ju                             short u


North Indian Bols

Syllables                           Pronunciation

dha, na, ta                         long a

ga, ka, kat, ta (kata, kita)        short a

de, dhe, ge, gen, ke, kre, tre      long e

re, te, tet                         short e

dhi, di, ki                         long i

dhin, din, ri, ti, tin              short i

tun                                 long u

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