Planet Passion


by Ancient Future

Cave Hand

Ancient-Future.Com AF 2010. 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition.
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The Six Chapters

Learn folklore of ancient world music traditions and listen to the music in each chapter:

Flirtation • Courtship • Sacred ErosThe WeddingSeductionLonging


Sheila-na-gig Celtic Fertility Goddess Cast by Chotoo Pal

Celtic Fertility Goddess
Cast by Chotoo Pal


Track 3. I Mett Her in the Medowe, a . 1:19 Track 4. I Mett Her in the Medowe, b. 4:12 (Traditional. New arrangement/composition by Matthew Montfort. © 2001 Ancient Future Music). iTunes. >YTmusic.

The couple rendezvous in the meadow as their attraction grows. Matthew Montfort brings new life to this romantic Scottish lute melody from 1615 with the ornaments and note bends of the scalloped fretboard guitar, an instrument combining aspects of the South Indian vina with the steel string guitar.

Matthew Montfort: scalloped fretboard guitar





Yemayah Orisa for the Ocean Painting by Sandra Stanton

Yemayah: Orisa for the Ocean. Painting by Sandra Stanton


Track 5. Ocean of Love 5:26 (Matthew Montfort. © 2001 Ancient Future Music). iTunes. >YTmusic.
The courtship unfolds in the warm ocean breeze in this new world Afro-Slavic groove inspired by Yarila (Slavic god of physical love) and Yemayah (Orisa for the ocean and motherhood).

Matthew Montfort: electric guitars, bass
C.K. Ladzekpo: West African drums
Ian Herman: South African drum set
Irina Mikhailova: vocals



Live Version of Ocean of Love

featuring Irina Mikhailova (vocals), Sapphira (world dance), Patti Weiss (violin), Salah Takesh (Arabic percussion), Doug Mckeehan (keyboards), and Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar)


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Limited Edition Poster

Planet Passion Poster

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