Planet Passion


by Ancient Future

Cave Hand

Ancient-Future.Com AF 2010. 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition.
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The Six Chapters

Learn folklore of ancient world music traditions and listen to the music in each chapter:

Flirtation • CourtshipSacred ErosThe WeddingSeduction Longing


Kurukulla Great Goddess of Tibetan Tantra Cast by Chotoo Pal

Kurukulla: Great Goddess of Tibetan Tantra
Cast by Chotoo Pal


Track 1. Simsimay Panima 6:05 (Traditional. New arrangement and composition by Matthew Montfort. © 2001 Ancient Future Music). iTunes. >YTmusic.

From high in the Himalayas comes the call and response of love’s first meeting in this Nepali folk song about flirting.

Manose Singh: bansuri flute
Antoine Lammam: Arabic tabla and tambourine
Jim Hurley: violin
Matthew Montfort: scalloped fretboard guitars, fretless bass



Simsimay Panima (In the Falling Rain) is a long cyclical song with an almost infinite number of verses. Traditionally, boys and girls would take turns singing these verses, making them up as they went along, and using them to tease one another in a flirtatious manner. Chorus: Simsimay panima jayanlay beman garcha ki jinda ganima? (In this life, in the falling rain, are you going to betray me?)

The verses are made up as they go along. It is endless and it does't have set words, but here are some translations of verses that have been made popular:

Verse, boys: Don't go far, come closer, you have me but who have I? (chorus)

Verse, girls: I want to come to you but I'm afraid what will people say. (chorus)

Verse, boys: Fear won't end our thirst. Don't dissapoint my hope. (chorus)

Verse, girls: Even after all you've said, I still feel scared. (chorus)

Verse, boys: Try to understand what I say. I'll give my fresh youth to you. (chorus)

Verse, girls: You will forget the love I give, and spread yours wherever you go. (chorus)

Verse, boys: Why say that to me love? Why poke me with these thorns? (chorus)

Verse, girls: You are there and I am here. Sometimes it's better that way.

And so it goes, on and on. . . In this version, the flirtatious improvisations are entirely instrumental.


Dryad Wood Nymph Goddess

Dryad: Wood Nymph Goddess


Track 2. Forest Frolic 4:29 (Matthew Montfort. © 2001 Ancient Future Music). iTunes. >YTmusic.

The playful dance continues in this joyous frolic through the forest. The wood nymph goddesses dance to a flirtatious bamboo flute duet.

Manose Singh: bansuri flute
Matthew Montfort: scalloped fretboard guitars
Liu Qi-Chao: Chinese flute
Hadley Louden: bass marimba, marimba, gong
Emam: North Indian tabla




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